Professional Development

Hands-on training sessions for teachers are designed to give participants the skills they need to lead drumming activities in the classroom or other setting. Trainings can last from 1-6 hours or more.

Teacher training programs are usually custom-built for the needs and interests of each school district or site, with a focus on one or a combination of the following programs:

Summer Teacher Training Intensive in TexasDRUMMING UP CHARACTER
Learn to implement Dancing Drum's "Drumming Up Character" (DUC) program at your school. Using the standards-based content of the accompanying book, CD and DVD, participants will be trained in the basics of leading the drumming, singing, and dancing activities contained in the curriculum. Hands-on instruction will emphasize strategies for positive classroom management, drumming technique and leadership skills, and creating an age-appropriate, performance-based program at your school. (For grades K-8)

Based on Dancing Drum's curriculum publication, "Drumming Up World Music: West Africa", this training session will give music teachers the tools they need to lead an integrated arts program featuring music played on drums and xylophones. Multi-subject extensions can include visual art, geography, reading, history, language, and social studies lessons. Based on music from 5 West African countries, this program can be presented with 1-5 levels of difficulty, creating a flexible teaching structure sure to encourage the success of all students, grades K-8.Professional Development Session at the North Carolina Music Educators Conference

Build a drumming program at your school or other organization through Community Drum Ensemble (CDE), and offer a musical experience for your students that is inclusive, accessible, and fun. CDE is a performance-based drum ensemble program that can be used during or after school. Participants in the CDE Teacher Training will learn how to play and teach drum music using the Rhythm Phonics method, based on Dancing Drum's book,"Community Drum Ensemble". We will emphasize drumming fundamentals and leadership skills, giving teachers the tools they need to direct a CDE program or add a new approach to an established drum ensemble program. (For ages 12-adult)