Interactive Performances

Interactive Performance
Dancing Drum's Interactive Performances combine high-energy drum performance with abundant opportunities for audience participation. Within the first minute, audiences are playing rhythms and making music, and the fun lasts throughout the 45-60 minute show! We bring an array of drums from around the world and invite groups of 50-60 participants to drum with us onstage several times during the program. All Dancing Drum assemblies integrate music education with geography, social studies, history, and character education, giving audiences an unforgettable hands-on experience of the wonderful world of rhythm. Choose from 2 different shows:

Respect, Responsibility, Fairness
In this exciting, character-building program, participants will learn rhythms, dances, and songs covering character traits like Fairness, Responsibility, and Respect. This high-energy performance is filled with clapping, singing, dancing, and drumming, and over 100 student volunteers will have hands-on opportunities to play drums and percussion instruments onstage with Dancing Drum. "Drumming Up Character" highlights important life skills and teaches character education in a fun, interactive, and musical way. (Grades K-8) For more information on this unique program, please visit our "Drumming Up Character" Curriculum page.

Interactive Performance
Rhythms of West Africa, the Caribbean, & the USA
Take an interactive tour around the world to learn about the rhythms, songs, and drums of West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the USA. This multicultural performance is full of clapping, singing, dancing, and drumming. Over 100 volunteers will have hands-on opportunities to play drums and percussion instruments onstage throughout the program. Immerse your audience in an exciting and educational program that highlights the diversity and richness of music from around the world. (Grades K-12) For more information on this program, please visit our "Drumming Up World Music" Curriculum page.

"Thanks for your outstanding assembly. It generated a lot of positive energy (which hopefully will carry over to the testing period!) I had an experienced teacher tell me that it was the best assembly she's ever seen - you taught geography, rhythm, etc. and had excellent control (and she's been teaching for 31 years!) Thanks again for providing a real treat to our students."  - Principal, CA

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