Family Drumming Events

Family Drum Night at an elementary school in Wisconsin

Music has the power to inspire and motivate us both as individuals and in groups. Through the unifying power of drumming, Dancing Drum can help your school or special event create an unforgettable group dynamic.

We set up an array of drums and percussion instruments and lead participants through a memorable experience of music, community, and the discovery that everyone has a rhythm to share! We emphasize learning how to play together through listening, cooperation, respecting, and working together as a team. In a short amount of time, with Dancing Drum's expert guidance your group will learn to play together like a well-tuned drum orchestra, enhancing communication, listening, teamwork, and most of all, FUN!

Family Drumming Events are highly interactive and appropriate for all ages and types of groups. Each program is custom-tailored to the age and ability level of attendees, and everyone has the opportunity to participate through contributing to the rhythm and perhaps even playing a drum solo or leading the group!

This type of event is appropriate for schools wanting a family outreach program that will engage all ages, and it's also a great format for special events and festivals in search of a high-energy, interactive music program that gets the audience involved in the show.