Family Drumming Events

Family Drum Night

Family Drum Night (FDN) provides an outreach opportunity for your school to bring parents and guardians, grandparents, siblings and students together for an evening of fun on the drums! We bring a large array of drums and percussion instruments to your site and lead participants through a memorable experience of music, community, and the discovery that everyone has a rhythm to share. With Dancing Drum’s expert guidance, everyone can learn how to play together through listening, cooperation, respecting, and working together as a team. Family Drumming Events are appropriate for all ages and types of groups, and we can custom-tailor any program to the age and ability level of attendees.

This type of event is appropriate for schools wanting a family outreach program that will engage all ages, and it's also a great format for special events and festivals in search of a high-energy, interactive music program that gets the audience involved in the show.

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• FDN is usually scheduled for one hour in length (for example, 6:00-7:00pm).

• Most FDN programs are added on to a daytime program like AIR or W2P. This helps build excitement and attendance for the evening program.

• Some schools schedule FDN as a stand-alone event, meaning there is no Dancing Drum program scheduled during the school day.

• Your school will need to provide chairs for attendees.

• Set-up time required: 1.5 hours; Tear-down time: 1 hour. If students and staff are present, we can work around them.

“It was a real treat to have you interactive, high-energy talent at our event. I appreciate the fact that you kept everything on a kid level, but still involved the adults in the drumming activities. Rhythm really does transcend language barriers!”

-Maggie White, PTA President, Santa Maria, CA