Booking a Dancing Drum program is easy!

For the most up-to-date list of available tour dates, visit:

If you’re interested in booking a program and don’t see your area on the tour calendar, please contact us anyway. We’re adding new dates and destinations frequently, and your school district could be next on our list!

Make a Booking Inquiry

Booking Dancing Drum is easy! To begin the process, please email or call with the following info:

1) Your name and position
2) Name of your school/district
3) Your location
4) Type of program that you’re interested in booking
5) Your date preferences and possibilities
6) Approximate number of students/teachers who would be served by the program

Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll respond within a week with a proposal and some possibilities for a program at your school.

Out-of-Area Bookings

For out-of-area bookings, we require a minimum of 3-5 consecutive days of school bookings to make the trip feasible. These days may be booked at one school or at multiple schools in the same general geographic area or school district.

If your school is “in-area” (less than 100 miles from Asheville, NC) minimum program requirements do not apply. Please be sure to ask about our local rates.

Confirming Your Booking

Once we have arranged a date, time, and other program details, we’ll email you a copy of our standard Performance Agreement. You’ll review the details for accuracy, sign and return a copy to us, and we’re booked!


Some programs will require a deposit at the time of booking. Payment in full is due day-of upon completion of the program or within 30 days. If your school pays in full in advance of the program date, we will hold your check until the program has been completed.

Who Will Be Coming to My School?

Currently, all Dancing Drum programs are presented by our Musical Director, Steve Campbell.