Dancing Drum Residency programs can last 3-10 days and offer students the most in-depth instruction and participation in drumming, dancing, and singing. Most residencies end in a student performance on the final day. Many schools also choose to conduct a "Family Night" show for families to celebrate what their children have learned during the program. The details of these programs are flexible, and most schools require a custom-tailored residency to match their unique schedules, budgets, and performance goals. "Drumming Up Character" Artist-in-Residency Program


Drum, Dance & Sing Through 10 Good Character Traits
This innovative program combines drumming, original hip-hop music, character raps, and dances to highlight character themes including Respect, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, Self-Control, Courage, Perseverance, and Integrity. Students will learn to drum, dance, and sing their way through the Drumming Up Character program, ending in a student performance for the school community. This hands-on, high-energy program brings character education curriculum to students in a fun, thought-provoking, and musical way. Based on Dancing Drum's curriculum program and book, "Drumming Up Character". (Grades K-8)

DRUMMING UP WORLD MUSIC"Drumming Up World Music" Artist-in-Residency Final Student Performance, photo by John Bazemore
Rhythms & Songs of West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America & the USA
This multicultural program takes students on an exciting and informative tour of the world to experience the rhythms and music of West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the USA - covering traditional West African drumming, Calypso rhythms, popular dance beats, parade music, rock-and-roll, and more. Students learn to play drum rhythms from each destination and perform what they have learned as an ensemble, onstage with Dancing Drum. Build students' teamwork skills and self-confidence while learning about the diversity and richness of world music. Optional: Combine drumming with music played on Orff xylophones, based on Dancing Drum's curriculum and book "Drumming Up World Music: West Africa". (Grades K-12)
"This program was completely different than the singing/acting/dancing that we usually intertwine for our classroom performances. It was vibrant and bold. The practice sessions were very personalized, as well, which made learning how to drum very comfortable and unthreatening for all the kids. They were totally stoked about their experience...every single one of them! The parents were extremely impressed and very happy. The PTA president's son is in my class, and when she approached me after the show, she couldn't say enough about how wonderful the kids sounded." 
- Scott, Teacher, Moorpark, CA