School Drum Day

School Drum DayThis program is for schools that prefer an experience where "every student gets to play a drum."

We'll work directly with you to design a customized program which allows your entire school to participate in the experience of making music on drums at some point in the school day. Larger schools may require 2 days of School Drum Day to reach every student.

160 is the maximum number of students per session. Most schools schedule 6-7 sessions per school day. Workshops may be structured by grade level, age, or other criteria that you choose. 

We'll come to your site with a large array of drums and percussion instruments. We'll need a large, open space (usually a gym or cafeteria) where we can set up our concentric circles of instruments and enough chairs for our largest workshop group. Sessions can last from 45-60 minutes, and teachers and aides are invited to drum alongside their students. Participants will play 6 different types of drums and percussion instruments as they rotate through the different sections.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of working together as a team to make the music sound great, we can add content and activities from popular Dancing Drum curriculum programs like "The Rhythm Is Here!", "Drumming Up Character", or "Drumming Up World Music".

We'll guide students through a musical experience on drums and percussion, featuring the unique sections of our ensemble, timbres of the different instruments, group dynamics, impromptu switches, exciting opportunities for improvisation and student drum solos. This program is designed to keep your students moving, engaged, learning, and having a blast!

Contact us to plan a School Drum Day for your school!

School Drum Day

School Drum Day