School Drum Day

School Drum Day

School Drum Day programs give every student the opportunity to play 6 different drums and percussion instruments during an exciting, hands-on workshop. Students experience the thrill of making music together with their classmates as they move through the instrument sections. Each session highlights multiple rhythms, vocal chants, musical games and teamwork activities designed to keep your students moving, engaged, learning, and having a blast. This is an amazing, school-wide program your students will thoroughly enjoy!

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Full-day program with 6 workshops scheduled from the beginning to the end of the school day.

• Sessions are usually scheduled by grade level or similar age group.

• SDD involves a large set-up of drums and percussion, best suited for a gym or spacious multi-purpose room.

• Teachers and aides are invited to drum alongside their students.

• We recommend limiting each workshop group to 120 students or less. Contact us to discuss larger group sizes.

• Set-up time required: 2 hours; Tear-down time: 1.5 hours. If students and staff are present, we can work around them.

• School needs to provide chairs that are ready to set-up when we arrive first thing in the morning. Help with set up and tear down of chairs is appreciated, though not necessary.


“Just wanted to tell you how much our kids LOVED having Drum Day! Dancing Drum is now at the top of my list!!!! Your rapport with the kids was awesome. Your manner was fun and very age appropriate. All my kids felt successful and said it was the BEST DAY EVER! Teachers have been very enthusiastic and appreciative. All of them have said wonderful things about you and about the program. Personally, I had a blast and learned some things to try in my class.”

- Jane, Music Teacher, Edenton, NC