Interactive Online School (IOS)


The Dancing Drum Interactive Online School (IOS) is a web-based, integrated arts and music education platform for K-8th grade students. From drumming and music lessons to language arts, social studies and visual art activities, Dancing Drum's Interactive Online School is full of educational content. Colorful graphics and fun animations keep students engaged and entertained while they move through the lessons.

The first curriculum program that is available through the Interactive Online School is Drumming Up Character, an arts-based SEL and character education curriculum.

The IOS is filled with "Classrooms", and each Classroom contains a variety of interactive lessons and videos. For example, the "Drumming Up Character" curriculum has 10 Classrooms featuring different character traits, like Responsibility, Respect, and Self-Control. Each Classroom contains 8 unique lessons that explore the character theme.

The 8 lessons in each "Drumming Up Character" classroom include:

1) About - Read a lesson that defines the focus character and describes positive and negative choices that people can make in life.

2) Rhythm - Learn to play the Character Rhythm with drums, body percussion, and found sounds, following Dancing Drum's Musical Director, Mr. Steve!

3) Rap - Learn the words to the Character Rap song and do your own dance, accompanied by upbeat hip-hop music and colorful text animations!

4) Rap+Rhythm - Learn to perform the Character Rap together with the Character Rhythm.

5) Profile - Read along with a lesson that tells the story of an important historical figure who exemplifies the focus character trait. 

6) Action - This lesson is designed to inspire students to think more deeply about the meaning of the character and put it into action. Includes a printable PDF worksheet.

7) Adinkra - Read and color a PDF worksheet featuring an Adinkra (Ah-DEEN-krah) symbol. Adinkras come from West Africa and communicate the shared values of society.

8) Vocab - This list of synonyms and antonyms is designed to build vocabulary and deepen understanding of the trait.

Now, let’s go over how to get started!

We have designed our Interactive Online School to be as simple as possible to access. To enter the school, teachers and students will receive a webpage link and passcode for the classroom(s) they have chosen. After clicking on the webpage link, you'll be prompted to enter the passcode to enter the classroom. Once inside, you can easily navigate through the webpage to experience all of the video lessons and activities. Students do not need to register or provide any personal information.

Please note that Dancing Drum's Interactive Online School videos are secure and not hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or any social media platform...No advertisements, no outside videos, just great Dancing Drum content!

Add a Virtual Performance Assembly with Dancing Drum!

Schools can schedule a Virtual Performance Assembly with Dancing Drum through Google Meet, Zoom or other secure, school-approved web-conferencing app. This online assembly will include a Dancing Drum Interactive Music Experience and "STAR TIME" opportunities for students!

During STAR TIME, students can perform a drum solo, rap, or dance for the the live audience of their fellow students, teachers, and Dancing Drum. They can also showcase their visual art and share anything else that they learned in their Interactive Online Classroom. 

Contact us with any questions you have about setting up a program for your school!