Jump-Start Package

Jump Start Package

Jump-start an ongoing drumming program at your school! This complete drum program package includes:

A drum package for 32 students (option to add a teacher kit at additional cost)

4 school days of Dancing Drum workshops for your students, plus a final performance

1 afterschool Professional Development and 1 Family Drum Night

A full set of Dancing Drum curriculum and activity books:

- The Rhythm Is Here!

- Drumming Up Character (Teacher’s Guide & Student Workbook)

- Drumming Up World Music: West Africa

- Listen to the Teamwork

- Community Drum Ensemble

Your school will need a dedicated music teacher or percussion-minded leader to run with the program after Dancing Drum’s time at your school is over. For maximum impact, plan for your leader to spend as much time as possible teaching, learning, and practicing alongside our program facilitator while we’re at your school. Our goal is to help your school set up and maintain a successful, ongoing drumming program that will serve your students for years.

The Jump-Start Package offers a great opportunity to write a grant proposal. We’re happy to help with your budget or any other infomation that you may need. Just contact us via email or phone to discuss the possibilities!