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Drumming Up World Music

Drumming Up World Music (DUWM) is an innovative, integrated arts program combining ensemble music for drums and xylophones with learning extensions in a variety of subjects, including visual art, dance, geography, social studies, and history. DUWM aims to inspire a spirit of adventure in students through international discovery, providing a well-rounded experience of the fascinating multicultural diversity of the world.

In addition to the lessons in music and art, the DUWM curriculum features "The Rhythm Hunters" - a semi-fictional traveling duo. Through first person journal entries, the Rhythm Hunters describe their experiences voyaging through exotic destinations, experiencing the local culture, making friends, and learning new things. The stories told by the Rhythm Hunters help to engage students in learning background cultural information about the music and art activities in DUWM.

The DUWM curriculum series is filled with content that the authors have gathered during their research travels around the world.

Drumming Up World Music: West AfricaDRUMMING UP WORLD MUSIC: WEST AFRICA

"Drumming Up World Music: West Africa" is the first publication of the DUWM series. The curriculum set features 10 ensemble arrangements for drums and xylophones, based on music from 5 West African countries: Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. In addition to the Rhythm Hunters' Journal Entries and country fact sheets, this program features exciting illustrations and activities like paper bead making, mask making, vocabulary key words, a pronunciation guide, and extensive video of Dancing Drum's travels in West Africa. The accompanying DVD also includes full demonstrations of the drumming and xylophone arrangements.

Through Dancing Drum's "Learning Levels" system, music teachers can easily tailor the program content to the skill level of each class, grades K-5. Drum arrangements are presented with levels 1-4 of difficulty, plus a drum break. Xylophone arrangements are presented with levels 1-5 of difficulty, plus break ending.

The "Drumming Up World Music: West Africa" curriculum includes:

Drumming Up World Music: West AfricaA 240-PAGE, ILLUSTRATED BOOK WITH:
• 5 Drum Arrangements, fully notated
• 5 Xylophone Arrangements, fully notated
• 5 Country Fact Sheets
• 14 "Rhythm Hunters" Journal Entries
• 5 Visual Art Activities
• Cultural Connections
• Vocabulary Key Words
• Reading Comprehension Questions
• African Languages
• Teacher's Key & Glossary
• Pronunciation Notes
• Learning Levels System
• National Standards Connections

• CD with 55 audio tracks of the music in the book
• DVD with video of the music in the book being played on drums and xylophones
• Projectable images of music notation and art projects
• Exciting video of Dancing Drum's travels in West Africa
• Illustrated pronunciation guide