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The Rhythm Is Here!


The Rhythm Is Here

In this multi-cultural curriculum, students discover the music, history, and culture of four distinct geographic destinations: West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the USA. Designed as a theatrical music production with a quartet of "Rhythm Hunters" as our guides, TRIH combines music played on drums and pitched percussion with an exciting choral piece that ties these diverse regions together in a celebratory grand finale! (Grades K-8)

Featured geographical regions and songs include:

West Africa - Djole
Caribbean - Calypso
South America - Tango
USA - Rock & Roll
"The Rhythm Is Here!" Theme Song

Teacher's Guide and student study guide available!

The music is presented using Dancing Drum's Level's System, which scales up in difficulty as students are ready.

Choose an In-School Program, like Artist-in-Residency or Interactive Performance, or explore this colorful curriculum through a Professional Development seminar. 

The Rhythm Hunters

The Rhythm Hunters:
The Photojournalist, The Musicologist, The Dancer, The Anthropologist