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How Dancing Drum is Adapting to COVID-19

Beginning in August 2020, until the COVID-19 risk has passed, we’re adapting our set-up to create the cleanest, healthiest environment possible for our interactive drumming programs. Dancing Drum In-School Programs will have a new look, and we’re offering a whole new way to experience Dancing Drum through Online Learning

Drumming workshops following the highest level of cleanliness can be extremely beneficial for students’ social, emotional, and musical well-being. We understand that there are many unknowns about schools re-opening and what they will allow, however if you’d like to explore having a Dancing Drum program at your campus or online, here's some information that will be helpful as you consider how our program will work in the era of COVID-19.

We’ve always been careful about keeping our program healthy, clean, and sanitized, but we’re moving to a whole new level of cleanliness in a few ways:

Our new program model will utilize stick drums instead of hand drums. Students will play the drums in the Interactive Performance assembly, School Drum Day workshops or Artist-in-Residency program with a pair TubeStix that are easily cleaned and sanitized. Students will not play the drums with their hands and we’ll have multiple sets of clean TubeStix to use, as needed. This approach will help us control the cleanliness of our instruments at all times.

We will follow your school district guidelines when setting up assembly or workshop group sizes. Thankfully, our program model is highly flexible and can be adapted to serve any group size, from 3 to 300. As each school district is creating its own policies regarding maximum class numbers allowed, let us know your school’s limits, and we can design a program that works best for your students.

Depending on your school’s safety parameters and size, we may suggest scheduling shorter assemblies or workshops to allow for more sessions and more student participation during the school day. 

Normally, we use verbal techniques for teaching rhythms, including Drum Sounds and Rhythm Phonics phrases that students chant while they drum. To reduce the possible spread of contagions through singing, we will rely more on non-verbal cues and visual aids to teach and play the rhythms.

If your school requires that visitors, teachers, and students wear masks, we will follow your guidelines. We strongly recommend that all participants wash their hands before and after their drumming session.

Once students return to their school buildings, we expect that many districts will limit visitors on campus and prohibit large assemblies for some time. In lieu of in-school assemblies and workshops, we can bring a virtual Dancing Drum workshop into your classroom through your SmartBoard or other technology that you share with students.

We are open to hearing any other suggestions that you may have for making our program work at your school. We want to provide the most risk-free, interactive music enrichment program possible, while allowing students to experience the excitement of drumming together as a group.


Just like our regular in-school programs, all of Dancing Drum’s online programs are specially customized for each schoolWith many students learning from home or in individual classroom environments for the foreseeable future, this is the best way to bring the Dancing Drum experience to students right now:

Dancing Drum’s Virtual Drum Workshops are now online! Schools can choose a live, in-person program with our Musical Director, Mr. Steve Campbell, or a specially customized, pre-recorded program that students can watch on their own schedule.

Whether you opt for a live or pre-recorded workshop, every participant will receive a link to our "Dancing Drum Fundamentals & Found Sounds" video, which includes a section on percussion instruments that students can easily make at home prior to their workshop. We also provide printable PDF handouts for each music piece that they will learn.

In May, we debuted our first Virtual Drum Workshop programs with schools in Illinois and North Carolina, adapting our “Rhythm Is Here!” curriculum for online learning. We are excited to expand our online programming in the weeks and months ahead! Contact us if you’d like to discuss options for a VDW for your students.

With so many students playing along at home, we’ve created three new “Play-At-Home Percussion Sets” that are available online, through our website. Choices include SmallMedium, and Large, and the packages are all offered at a significant discount. You can also customize a set. Just let us know how we can help! All online orders over $200 ship free
Thank you for all the work you're doing for your students and school community! Stay well and let’s be in touch!

All the best,
Steve Campbell, Musical Director
Lindsay Rust, Managing & Artistic Director