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RED TubeStix Pair

RED TubeStix are sold in PAIRS.

TubeStix are percussion tubes for softer playing. Custom-designed for the music classroom, these bright red drum sticks are made of a strong and lightweight plastic. Use RED TubeStix on any type of stick drum to bring the volume down and provide a softer playing experience.

The 1" diameter closely simulates the feeling of a traditional, wooden drumstick. Everyone - from adults to kindergarten students - can get a good grip on these sticks.

TubeStix are:
- easy to sanitize
- lightweight and durable
- made in the USA
- recyclable!

We use TubeStix primarily on Djun-Djuns and other stick drums, however they also work well for playing on Rebolo Drums, bucket drums, Remo Tubano drums, and drum kit.

Dancing Drum RED TubeStix are sold in pairs.

1" diameter, 16" length

NEW!  BLUE TubeStix
Compliment the sound of your RED TubeStix with BLUE TubeStix! The BLUE sticks are the same length as the RED sticks, and have a slightly smaller diameter, which gives them a higher pitch. Use RED TubeStix to play BOOM sounds and BLUE TubeStix to play BA sounds!

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