24-Student Package

This 24-Student Package divides your class into 4 groups of 6. Students rotate throughout the class to play each instrument section. This package features the Dancing Drum Signature Series drums and stands, and a variety of small percussion. It includes:
6 Djun-Djuns (2x15" Dundunba, 2x12" Sangban, 2x10" Kenkeni - all djuns include a pair of wooden sticks)
6 11" Djembes
6 Youth Djun-Djun Stands
6 Djembe Stands
6 Shakers
6 Blocks
1 Medium Double Bell with Stick
6 Pairs of TubeStix (red plastic)
Drum Cases for all djembes and djun-djuns

(Not pictured: TubeStix, drum stands, wooden drum sticks, drum bags. Small percussion may be slightly different than pictured.)

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