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15" Dundunba Drum

The 15" Dancing Drum Dundunba by Tycoon Percussion is a large Djun-Djun drum that produces a powerful, low bass tone. It measures 24" tall and 15" in diameter. This beautiful drum is headed with premium natural cowhide on top and bottom and a triple-ring mounting system wrapped in red fabric. Each Dundunba will be slightly different due to variations in individual hides.

15" x 24"

Bag for 15" Dundunba
Stand for 15" Dundunba (Youth)
Stand for 12" Dundunba (Adult)
Traditional Cross Stand for 12" Dundunba
Djun Sticks

Please email us at to inquire about current availability.

Hear the awesome sound of the Dancing Drum 3-Djun Set and 13" Djembe in the video below:

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