Traditional Cross-Stand for Djun-Djuns

For traditional, Guinea-style playing, these durable stands support your djun-djun drum sideways, and collapse flat for easy transport. 

Made from Siam Oak hardwood stained mahogany brown, and black nylon strapping.

Available in four sizes: Dundunba, Sangban, Kenkeni, and Dundun Bambata.

Please note, these stands are designed to fit the Dancing Drum Signature Series Djuns. We cannot guarantee that they will work for other types of drums.


Kenkeni Cross Stand:
Width: 21.5"
Length: 38.75"

Sangban Cross Stand:
Width: 21.25"
Length: 39.0"

Dundunba Cross Stand:
Width: 21.0"
Length: 39.0"

Dundun Bambata Cross Stand:
Width: 34.75"
Length: 29.75"


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