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RED + BLUE TubeStix Pair

TubeStix are percussion tubes for softer playing. Custom-designed for the music classroom, these bright red and blue drum sticks are made of a strong and lightweight plastic. Use them on any type of stick drum to bring the volume down and provide a softer playing experience.

TubeStix closely simulate the feeling of traditional, wooden drumsticks. Everyone - from adults to kindergarten students - can get a good grip on these sticks.

TubeStix are:
- easy to sanitize
- lightweight and durable
- made in the USA
- recyclable!

We use TubeStix primarily on Djun-Djuns and other stick drums, however they also work well for playing on Rebolo Drums, bucket drums, Remo Tubano drums, and drum kit. Play on the back of a chair, a desk, the floor, or any hard surface.

The RED tube has a larger diameter and plays a lower (BOOM) tone, and the BLUE tube has a smaller diameter and plays a higher (BA) tone. They can be used as rhythm sticks and to play all of the drum music in Dancing Drum's publications for grades PreK-8. 

This set includes:

1 RED TubeStix, approx. 1" diameter, 16" length
1 BLUE TubeStix, approx. 7/8" diameter, 16" length

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