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Djun-Djun Stands (Youth Size)

The Dancing Drum Djun-Djun Stands are a perfect combination of form and function. Designed to raise the djuns off the floor for better resonance, a set of 3 djuns on stands creates a level playing surface without the hassle of ropes or hooks. Placed carefully on the stands, the drums "float" on their rings. 

Made from 2 pieces of interlocking plywood, finished in a natural mahogany stain, the pieces slide apart and can be stacked flat for storage and transport.

These stands are used for a "ballet style" set-up, with the drums sitting upright their stands. 

The Youth Size Djun-Djun Stands raise a set of Dancing Drum Djuns to a height of approximately 27", comfortable for most young players, grades K-6. The Youth Stands also work well for seated adult players. 

There are 3 sizes of youth stands, one for each djun-djun drum: 15" Dundunba, 12" Sangban, and 10" Kenkeni. 

We also offer an "Adult Size" set of djun stands that set the drums at a height of approximately 33". 

Please note: These stands are designed specifically to fit the Dancing Drum Signature Series Djuns-Djuns. We cannot guarantee they will fit other drums.

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