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Djun-Djun Bells

Forged from heavy duty iron for a robust, metallic sound, the Dancing Drum Djun-Djun Bells are an excellent addition to any Djun-Djun set-up.

They are attached to the side of the Djun-Djun drum by sliding one half of the bell through the lacing of the drum. Striking the bell with the included iron beater creates a singing, high-pitched tone that perfectly complements the powerful bass sounds of the djun-djun drums.

The newly updated version includes a wingnut and bolt clamp that can be used to attach the bell to a percussion mount. This adds versatility for drum kit and other percussion set ups. The wingnut and bolt can be easily removed for traditional dundun playing.

Available in three sizes: Dundunba, Sangban, and Kenkeni.

Iron striker included.

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