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11" Djembe Drum

Dancing Drum's 11" djembe is a perfect balance of size, weight, and powerful djembe sound. This drum is a real firecracker, and it's our most popular hand drum for schools and recreational drumming.

The Dancing Drum Signature Series Djembes are acoustically designed from the inside out to produce a deep bass sound, rich mid-tones, and crisp slaps. Each drum is carefully mounted with a high-quality, unbleached goat hide and pre-tuned to sound great out of the box. Triple-ring mounting systems and non-stretch 5mm rope hold the head tightly to the drum to help consistently retain the desired pitch. A rubber foot on the base of the djembe offers protection to the shell and surfaces that it is played on. Available in three original sizes, 9"11", and 13", and now a new 12" Pro-Series (calfskin), djembes should only be played with the hands. 

The wood that goes into our drum shells is plantation-farmed, harvested and replanted on a 7-8 year cycle. This choice helps to avoid some of the problems with deforestation that djembe manufacturers are causing in Africa, Bali, and elsewhere in the world. The staved construction of our drum shells allows us to utilize the best pieces of wood, while discarding any pieces that may lead to cracks or weaknesses. We've paid extra attention to detail at every step of the design, and each drum shell is produced with a perfectly round and even bearing edge to ensure the most comfortable playing experience.

If you would like to tune your djembe, we have a free tuning video here.

Listen to the awesome sound of the Dancing Drum 11" Djembe:



11" head diameter
approx. 25" tall

Made in Thailand by the expert craftspeople at Tycoon Percussion.

Dancing Drum 11" Djembe Drum Accessories:
11" Djembe Bag
11" Djembe Stand
11" Djembe Hat
Ksing-Ksing Drum Rattles

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