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Fundraising with Donors Choose

Every school year, we field many requests from teachers who would like to fundraise for a set of drums and/or in-school programs from Dancing Drum. Donors Choose is a popular and effective platform for crowd-sourcing funds for this type of project. Though Dancing Drum is not an officially listed vendor with Donors Choose (they only work with the largest, major corporations), there are ways to make it work! Here's what they told us when we asked:

"Teachers who use to request classroom materials have immediate access to Dancing Drum through our Special Request Process. To be eligible for this process, teachers must have at least 6 points on our site. 

You can select materials from any vendor for a Special Request, but your choice of vendor may affect how the item is paid for if your project is fully funded.

  • If the item can be ordered easily through a website, we'll purchase it for you and have it shipped to your school. While you have the option of choosing any online vendor, we encourage you to thoroughly research the retailer you select to ensure it is a legitimate business. 
  • If the item needs a purchase order or invoice to be purchased, obtain a price quote to upload when you create the project. If your project is fully-funded, we may also ask you to place the order yourself and obtain an invoice to be paid by"

    In summary, you'll need 6 points in the Donors Choose system to make a special request. Dancing Drum materials can easily be ordered through our website. We're also happy to work with you on a price quote, and we do accept purchase orders, as well. Contact us to get started on an official estimate for your Donors Choose request!