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Percussion in the Schools Program

A Program of the Percussion Marketing Council

Through a special partnership with the Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) and the NAMM Foundation, Dancing Drum is able to offer a limited number of $250 scholarships for Interactive Drumming Assemblies in schools throughout the US.

The application process is simple. First, send us an email with the following information:
1) Your contact info: your name, title, school name, school location, telephone, email address;

2) Your school's financial need for a reduced cost program (i.e., the program would not happen without this financial support).

3) 2-3 possible dates that could work for a program at your school.

4) Number of performances needed and approximate number of students who will attend the performance(s). To qualify, your school will need over 250 students in attendance.

5) You agree that we can hang a PMC banner onstage at the show.

6) You agree to complete a simple, one-page "Hosting School Application" and "Program Evaluation" for the PMC.
When we receive your email, we'll make a initial request to the PMC to see if funding is currently available. If it is available, we'll inform you that your initial request has been accepted. If funding is not available, we'll place your school on a waiting list for possible future funding.

Once your funding has been approved, here are the next steps:
1) You'll fill out a simple, half-page "Hosting School Application" and mail or fax it to the PMC. This step is necessary to lock in the $250 scholarship towards Dancing Drum's program at your school.

2) Dancing Drum will send you a copy of our "Performance Agreement" to confirm the details of the program.

3) Your school will need to pay the balance of the program fee with a check made out to "Dancing Drum". Please have this check ready for Dancing Drum on the day of the program. Let us know if you need to make other payment arrangements.

4) When the program is complete, you'll need to submit a simple "Program Evaluation" to the PMC, using their one-page form.
Please note that the PMC is operating with limited funds, and your best chance to receive funding is to submit your request ASAP.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.