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Drum Safe

New for the 2021-2022 school year is our DRUM SAFE program model! This program brings a whole new level of cleanliness to follow your school’s health guidelines and make live, interactive drumming experiences possible for your students again!

Students will not play any drums with their hands. Instead, they will receive a pair of plastic TubeStix to play on the drums during their workshop. They will not share them with any other student, and the TubeStix are the only thing students will hold in their hands the entire workshop. After the drumming session is over, students will sanitize their TubeStix and put them in a bucket. Once inside the bucket, it indicates they have been sanitized and are ready for the next group of students to use. This process helps us be in control the cleanliness and safety of our instruments at all times.

We will follow your school district guidelines when setting up the size of workshop groups and recommend keeping classes around 60 students or less. As each school district is creating its own policies regarding maximum group sizes allowed, let us know your group size limits, and we can design a program that works best for your school.

With smaller workshop group sizes, we may suggest scheduling shorter workshops to allow for more sessions and more student participation during the school day. Drumming workshops can be scheduled for anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes in length. Our goal is to give all students an opportunity to play drums, dance and sing, and the scheduling of workshops will depend on how many classes and students will be participating during the school day.

If your school requires that visitors, teachers, and students wear masks, we will follow your guidelines. We recommend that all participants wash their hands before and after their drumming session, in addition to sanitizing their TubeStix.
All Dancing Drum teaching artists & staff have been fully vaccinated.


Thank you for considering bringing a Dancing Drum - Drum Safe program to your school! If you have any questions about adapting our drumming programs to your school’s health and safety rules, please don’t hesitate to ask!

In case your school still cannot have in-person programs, Dancing Drum now offers Virtual Performance Assemblies on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or other school-approved streaming platform.