Play-At-Home Percussion Set (Small)

Use these instrument sets for family jams and to play along with Dancing Drum's publications and web-based resources!

The red and blue color-coding makes it easy to follow the low and high tones in the music. (Red = the LOW sound BOOM, Blue = the HIGH sound BA) Learn more at our Dancing Drum Fundamentals page!

The SMALL set includes:
1 pair of Red and Blue TubeStix
1 BoomBa Box
1 BoomBa Double Woodblock
1 pair of BoomBa Shakers
1 pair of Rainbow Mallets

The MEDIUM Set includes all instruments from the Small Set, plus 1 BoomBa Bell.

The LARGE Set includes everything from the Medium Set, plus 1 BoomBa Bongo.

All materials have been custom-designed by Dancing Drum for durability and to sound GREAT! These are high-quality instruments that will last for many years of playing fun, made by our friends at Tycoon Percussion and IQ Plus.

Each set will arrive in 2 separate shipments.

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