Play-At-Home Percussion Set (Large)

Use these instrument sets for family jams and to play along with Dancing Drum's publications and web-based resources!

The red and blue color-coding makes it easy to follow the low and high tones in the music. (Red = the LOW sound BOOM, Blue = the HIGH sound BA) Learn more at our Dancing Drum Fundamentals page!

The LARGE set includes:
1 pair of Red & Blue TubeStix
1 BoomBa Box
1 BoomBa Double Woodblock
1 pair of BoomBa Shakers
1 BoomBa Bell
1 BoomBa Bongo
1 pair of Rainbow Mallets

The MEDIUM Set includes everything from the Large Set, minus the BoomBa Bongo.

The SMALL Set includes all instruments from the Large Set, minus the BoomBa Bongo and Bell.

All materials have been custom-designed by Dancing Drum for durability and to sound GREAT! These are high-quality instruments that will last for many years of playing fun, made by our friends at Tycoon Percussion and IQ Plus.

Each set will arrive in 2 separate shipments. 

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