Cross of Agadez Necklace

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Pendant made from 100% silver by master artisans in Niamey, Niger.

The Cross of Agadez is a famous symbol of the Tuareg people and their capital city, Agadez. Though the exact meaning of the cross is a matter of debate, some Tuaregs say that the circle at the center of the cross symbolizes a well and the smaller circles around it are the footprints of desert jackals that come to drink at the well. We've also heard other Tuaregs say that their people were Christians before becoming Muslim, and the cross symbolizes Jesus with a crown of thorns. Still other people have told us that the cross can be used to navigate across the Sahara desert to Agadez by aligning with the North star. French anthropologists tend to believe that the cross is an amulet symbolizing the union of male and female energies.

Whatever your interpretation, the Cross of Agadez is a classic and beautiful adornment for men and women alike.

The necklaces are strung with black glass beads and a simple clasp at the back. 

The pendant measures approximately 1.75” x 1.25”. The length of the necklace is approximately 18”.

Help us generate business for our friends at the Musée National in Niamey, Niger, West Africa. Thank You, Merci, Fofo, Na Gode, Tanamert!

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