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Picasso said something like "I've been working my whole life to get back to the artist I was when I was 5". I've always carried a similar sentiment in all of my creative pursuits, whether musical, literary, or artistic. There's a fearlessness in the expression of children that's charming, genuine, and profound.

In my work with Dancing Drum - an arts and music education company that my husband Steve and I started in 2002 - I've had the privilege of reaching many thousands of children across the US and internationally, bringing the joy of music and drumming to their happy hands. As our business has grown, we've authored and published several educational books for music teachers to utilize our methods and compositions in their classrooms. I've co-written, illustrated, and designed our 5 current titles, with more to come.
My current projects revolve around writing and illustrating board books for early childhood. I'm working out some exciting concepts that I am very excited to launch within the next year. My favorite book tester is my 2-year-old son, who loves singing, looking at pictures, and reading on his mama's lap.

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Beach Pebbles

Old Frog

Seal Woman & Boy


Cortona Rooftops

Grandma's House


Sea Otters