Visit New Orleans and “Become the Music!” Dancing Drum’s DigDatBeat interactive rhythm events have the power to inspire, unify, and motivate all types of groups, from business meetings to sports teams and family events.

Our hands-on drumming programs are designed for maximum impact and enjoyment. We provide a large array of drums and other percussion instruments and lead your group on an unforgettable experience of teamwork, leadership, stress-release, spontaneity, and exuberant music-making. Within the first 5 minutes, even people who have never touched a drum before will be playing as part of a finely-tuned drum orchestra!

Since 2002, Dancing Drum has brought a unique brand of interactive drumming programs to over 1 million people throughout the USA, China, Korea, and Thailand. You can book our programs with the confidence that Dancing Drum is a tried and tested program with a long track record of successful events.

Minimum group size: 30
Maximum group size: 120 (or more, with special arrangements)
Suggested time frame: 45-70 minutes

(Multiple-day programs are available to train your team to play as a performance ensemble.)

Technical needs:
• a chair for each participant
• a large, open space where we can set up our concentric circles of percussion instruments (preferably indoors)
• a place to plug in the power cords for our PA and mics