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Rebolo Drum

This drum from LP has a great sound and some exciting features that make it a highly flexible and useful instrument for classrooms, community drumming, Brazilian percussion enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

Rebolo (heh-boh-loh) drums traditionally come from Brazil, where they're used in a style of music called pagode. Designed to be lightweight, with a powerful and warm bass tone, these drums are played rested sideways on the knee, with one hand striking the drum head and the other tapping on the wooden shell.

Using Dancing Drum's BoomBa method in a classroom setting, these drums can be easily adapted to play upright with TubeStix (soft drum sticks which won't damage the head). They can also be played with two hands, like a djembe or conga. Placing the Rebolo on a 12" djun-djun stand will lift the bottom and help students draw out the low and high tones more easily.

Designed to go mobile for parades and performances, the LP Rebolo is equipped with sturdy strap loops and an adjustable, nylon strap that's easily attached to the drum.

18" tall lacquered wood shell, 12" dual layer synthetic Naugahyde head. Naugahyde head cuts overtones. Traditional hook tuning system and rubber foot. Includes tuning wrench.

Made in Thailand.

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